Artistic Moi?

Case sensitive who writes narcissistic navel-gazing has asked me if I have produced anything at my ceramics class that I use/display? Well I have never produced anything useful at class and as for display, well there are odd lumpen ceramic objects stuck on various shelves around my home for visitors to admire, which strangely they never do, suspect that they are scared that they may be given said lumpen object, rest assured I like my friends far to much to do that. So, in the spirit of sharing my friend’s pain, here is a photo of my latest creation, which may or may not have survived its initial firing, I’ll find out on Friday.

I am also a writer, I can say that as I am taking part in NaNoWriMo, and have undertaken to write a 50,000 word novel in November, which means aiming to write around 1667 words each day. This is my first year and it seemed like a really good idea when I signed up at the beginning of October, but now I am not so sure! The good news is that at the moment I am more or less on track having written 6,876 words as of last night, leaving 43,124 words to my goal, what have I done?

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3 Responses to Artistic Moi?

  1. Well, I am equally impressed by (not to say jealous of) both your creative talents! I definitely like the delicately wavy effect. Now are we able to read the novel-in-progress or do we have to wait for The End?

  2. belle says:

    Case Sensitive isn’t the only one that’s impressed! I really like the clay thingy and would definitely admire it in the flesh! Are you really up to speed with your novel? You’re moving up in the super woman stakes you know ;o)

  3. riverwillow says:

    Thank you both – one of my class mates kindly described that piece as a pig’s heart!!! I’m certainly not a superwoman, I don’t have teenagers and that status is reserved to those who battle and survive through. I’ll stick a small extract from the work in progress on the blog….

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