For all those who are asking, here is a short extract from the NaNoWriMo work in progress, I make no claims as to its worth or even coherence as this is the novel writing equivalent of going for the world land speed record and I am definitely speeding over those salt flats without a seat belt right now. So here goes with a very small extract from yesterday’s efforts.

‘Go see your son, he’s supposed to be sleeping’.

Of course he wasn’t, he was standing up in his cot looking fretfully through the bars, starting to wail the moment he saw me. I picked him up and he smiled at me through his tears, reaching out for the half-eaten carrot stick in my hand, which he sniffed at before throwing it to the floor. He snuggled down into my arms, his clear blue eyes blinking up as me as I sniffed in his fresh, innocent smell and suddenly all the fears I had held at bay over the last few days came flooding through. If this all went wrong I wouldn’t be able to protect him, to keep him safe and secure, possibly not even be a father to him again. His fingers reached out for mine and gripping them tight he sighed contentedly as the tears rolled gently down my cheeks. His regular breathing calmed my fears as he softly slipped into sleep. I tenderly placed him back in his cot, and as he rolled reaching for his bear I pulled the covers over him and kissed him goodnight.

Oh yes and I am still slightly ahead of schedule with 8,360 words under my belt.

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2 Responses to Hmmm

  1. belle says:

    Lovely :o) I like it.

  2. OK now this is just b****** frustrating! What’s going on? I DEMAND to know more! Very powerful and moving.

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