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As is usual with Claire Tomalin biographies this is a wonderful evocation of a life. She deals with Hardy’s complexity both as a man and a writer without ever being judgemental. It is hard to reconcile the man who wrote … Continue reading

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The Last Emperor

I spent Christmas Eve at the British Museum at a special showing of The Last Emperor Exhibition. Apparently this is the first time that the British Museum has ever opened on Christmas Eve, they also opened the doors for the … Continue reading

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I work for someone who is a self-confessed train spotter and, for various reasons, he recommended these books to me for a Christmas read. This first book is fascinating, did you know that at the turn of the century there … Continue reading

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Sarf London…

First of all I have to admit that I’ve met Debi Alper a couple of times as she is a good friend of Cailleach and I read her book with interest. This book is fast, funny, tragic, compassionate and rude … Continue reading

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That’s Better

This may be too much information for some people, but I spent ages wallowing in the bath yesterday as the next thing on my list was a visit to my local supermarket, which at this time of year could easily … Continue reading

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OK but

This is an interesting, surprisingly gentle book based on a real-life case which ultimately led to the setting up of the Courts of Appeal. It reads, more or less, like a typical work of historical fiction with a narrative that … Continue reading

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Oh well..

Its clear that I am not supposed to have children, real or ceramic. At my last ceramic session I had a go at interpreting Barbara Hepworth’s Baby in clay. This was my second attempt, the head of my first attempt … Continue reading

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