First book of 2008…

This is a better read than either of the first two books. Firstly there is much less about trains, which is good news for me, as Jim Stringer is now a railway detective working out of York. The mystery part of the novel works well and is actually thrilling as Jim gets entangled in a series of crimes that may or may not be linked. We also get to meet a wide spectrum of characters as the mystery gets solved and, for the first time, the solution made sense to me, which is always a bonus in this genre. The novel is set in 1906 and Andrew Martin certainly seems to really evoke the feel of the period. Oh yes and we get to see more of Jim Stringer’s family, which is always a bonus.

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2 Responses to First book of 2008…

  1. Table Talk says:

    Maybe I should skip book two and start here?

  2. riverwillow says:

    That sounds like a plan as you won’t miss much from book 2

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