Sweeney Todd

I have a confession to make, I hate musicals. This is completely my Dad’s fault as whenever a musical was playing on television over Christmas or on a Sunday afternoon, he would growl, rustle his paper and point out every cliche of the genre. Many of my friends have tried, and failed, to get me to appreciate the various nuances of the genre. I can just about cope with ‘Once More with Feeling’, the musical episode from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as this really doesn’t take itself seriously and is very clever. However I had to see Sweeny Todd as its been directed by Tim Burton, who is one of my favourite directors. I am so glad that I did because the film is wonderful, gory and doesn’t follow the standard musical conventions. Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman are, as always, superb. Go see it, you’ll enjoy it.

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6 Responses to Sweeney Todd

  1. brunhilde says:

    DD saw this last night but isn’t answering phone so don’t know what she thought. Have to say it doesn’t appeal as much as Edward Scissorhands, a favourite of the family. And I forgot to record Tim Burton South Bank Show last night. Have decided Johnny is one of the men I find too good-looking to be sexy. But I will give Sweeney a try when it finally hits the sticks.

  2. riverwillow says:

    Think of Edward Scissorhands on acid (and actually thinking about it this movie is a logical progression from Edward). I love Edward Scissorhands, which always makes me cry. Would love to know what DD thought of it when she appears :o)

  3. Table Talk says:

    I’m the wrong person to read this because my parents nourished me with musicals from a very young age and I can sing the complete libretto of most of them at the drop of a hat. However, we’re all satisfyingly different and I won’t try and persuade you to my point of view. I love Sondheim and so this is way up on my list of must sees. I’m with you as well about the musical episode of Buffy. I was dreading that, but actually thought it worked magnificently.

  4. brunhilde says:

    DD thought it very gory but loved Johnny and Alan duetting. She has dvd of musical Buffy and for ages we would all be warbling along – Joss is so clever, he wrote the theme to Firefly too. Like Table Talk, I like singing along. I annoy family members by drowning out words in film musicals like West Side Story and My Fair Lady, but I don’t know much Sondheim (was he Send in the clowns?)

  5. Cailleach says:

    ooh! ahh! I want to see… love both Tim B and Johnny Depp. Sigh. The last Pirates of the Caribbean went down well in our house, for kids and adults alike…

  6. riverwillow says:

    Yes the last Pirates of the Caribbean didn’t go amiss here either. Will be coming to hear you read on the 24th – announced here: http://debialper.blogspot.com/2008/01/put-that-in-your-pipe-and-smoke-it.html (you really didn’t think that I would keep that one quiet did you).

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