Sorry for not being around much at the moment, having had a very quiet few months workwise everyone of my clients seems to have woken up and want my services, which is fantastic for my bank balance, but is killing the rest of my life – somehow I need to write 42 lines of poetry by the end of the month, I have fragments but not a lot more and I am definitely not a poet, Cailleach is staying with me over the weekend before her gig at the Pipe and Slippers hmm, run Cailleach, run while you can.

While I’ve been away I received a couple of awards from the lovely Belle:

Which came with the following It’s a big kiss, of the chaste, platonic kind, from me to you with the underlying ‘thanks’ message implied. I really do appreciate your support and your friendship, and yes, your comments.’ Ahhh…

Which also came with something: I love being a part of the blogging community and part of all the friendships that I’ve formed so I wanted to give a blog award for all of you out there that have Excellent Blogs. By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least 10.

So this is going straight back to Belle and to Cailleach and Brunhilde because they are all putting up with my whingeing about not having enough work/having too much work etc etc oh yes and having to read my poetry. Debi Alper, because she is a great writer, activist and all round wonderwoman; the Inner Minx as I love her book and want the sequel NOW; Tina because her blog makes me laugh and because forty is the new thirty; to Rainbow because, well I’ve said it already, but CONGRATULATIONS; Chief Biscuit who doesn’t even know I read her blog but because she is a poet who lives in a part of the world I adore and want to live in, and because I’m not holiding it against her that the albatross were out when I visited the sanctuary she works at, if you ever visit Dunedin go its worth it, even if there isn’t a single albatross in sight; to Mid Lifer and Single Mother on the Verge just because.

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6 Responses to Madness

  1. Minx says:

    Thank you, Riverwillow. Wet kisses back to you.Really looking forward to seeing you again – P&S should be a very cool place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon.Writing as fast as I can!

  2. belle says:

    So glad you’re still alive, and thanks :o)

  3. chiefbiscuit says:

    Thanks!! :)Oh dear I know what it’s like to be one of the ones the albys didn’t show for – the centre is closed during breeding season and even though they try hard to let tourists know that, the message doesn’t always get through. Also, the afternoon or early evening is really the best time to view – and this isn’t widely known(we guides aren’t meant to say this … but as I’m leaving soon, I feel free to let people know. I’m sorry you missed out. And it’s expensive too.

  4. Cailleach says:

    Thanks River – I must put up the ‘mwah’ too!

  5. Debi says:

    Oh thanks, River. Sunday at P&S – erewego erewego erewego …

  6. riverwillow says:

    I am impressed at how you all found this, without me telling you – blooming work. Chief Biscuit it was worth the visit as you live in a beautiful part of the world, although as I was there in April my expectations were low, but it would have been lovely to see those beautiful birds soar.

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