To OU or not to OU

Well it wasn’t much of a week off as I ended up working every day and I am not dealing with very nice people. So I am seriously beginning to wonder if I want to do this any more … but how else to earn an honest crust? Hmm.

I did have time to sort one thing out though. For a while I’ve been trying to decide whether or not I want to take another OU course. A few people have been trying to seduce me into taking the new level 3 creative writing course which I have been more than a little reluctant to sign up to for various reasons. Anyway while I’ve been dithering about what to do, I’ve been offered a contract which will keep me working in central London for the next six months or so. After years working either from home, or North London, or West London and more successfully recently on the South Bank, I am going home to Soho! Whoo hoo. So I’ve been able to sign up for one of the many creative writing courses, aimed at potential novelists, which run in Central London.

Yes potential novelists – the real decision is that I’ve decided to really have a go at writing the novel which has been brewing in my brain for the last ten or so months. Not that writing as a profession is a way to make an honest, or dishonest, crust so I guess I am going to have to keep the day job.

Does this mean I am through with the OU? Well, there is this short course in Ethics starting in October …

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2 Responses to To OU or not to OU

  1. BarbaraS says:

    Oh good for you! A novel writing course – you’ll have to keep us updated on that one!

  2. belle says:

    wow, well done! I think I’m done with the OU too … shh, don’t tell 😉

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