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In case you hadn’t heard the release of the latest Harry Potter movie has been postponed until next July and the movie of this book, Twilight, is being released in its place. I’d not heard of the Twilight books, but … Continue reading

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OU Anonymous

I’m finished with the OU, honest. I’ve signed on for this Birkbeck course in novel writing which starts in September and the plan is to spend the next eight or so months trying to find out if I can actually … Continue reading

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Random Book Reviews

Due to the great Agatha Christie reread, 50 down 33 to go, I haven’t been posting my thoughts on any books up here recently, although I have been adding my reviews on Library Thing – god I love that website … Continue reading

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Small Rant

Why is it that some drivers think that using their indicator is an optional exercise? Grrr.

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Its been one of those ….

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Huge Decision

Don’t you just hate it when events prove that you were right about someone. My most difficult, demanding client flounced on in a huff earlier this month – it was an early birthday present and I am convinced that the … Continue reading

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This time last year I was working just as hard as I am now and trying to finish off my degree, but I wasn’t as stressed out as I am now. Its been a horrid week, where everything that could … Continue reading

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