An Important Ramble

Once again didn’t mean to be away this I’ve taken on far too much work, but, like so many, I am worried that the work will dry up. So there hasn’t been much to report.

I am still reading though, it takes a lot for me to stop reading for more than a couple of days and the last time I stopped was in the weeks before my father died. Which leads me to one of my ramblings, and am important one, my Dad had Parkinson’s and you may have seen in the news that the Parkinson’s Disease Society is asking for people to donate their brains to help further research into this perfidious disease, and why not, whatever happens to us after death (the body isn’t part of it as stays here and rots) so why not let it help someone else? More information can found here.

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One Response to An Important Ramble

  1. BarbaraS says:

    That’s a good idea… nice to see you back, hope the writing is still going on!

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