Quick Update

You may have noticed that a new widget has appeared on the blog called “Book” showing how much of my book I’ve written. It stays relentlessly at zero for the moment, although I do have a rough chapter breakdown and I’ve concluded most of my research, so I am ready to go.

But not a word has been written.


I’ve had a really bad couple of weeks with work, and when I say bad I mean sleepless night, 3am pacing bad – worrying about the discovery of a huge issue with one project close to completion which seemed, at 3am at least, completely unsolvable – while trying to deal with a series of ‘what if…’ questions that are basically unanswerable. So my poor head feels as if a hole has been drilled in my skull and various fingers have poked and prodded what’s left of my brain.

The good news is that there are certain deadlines that can’t be avoided so things should get easier soon. But I’m still not getting enough sleep as I’m worried that it is going to be too quiet in the second half of this year!

The good news is that this all means that I might actually have the time to get a good first draft of the entire novel written. I nearly abandoned the whole project a couple of weeks ago, because I thought I didn’t really have anything to say, but then I read a couple of books that really didn’t seem to be saying anything at all, to me at least, and this has spurred me on and I’m aiming to write around 10,000 words a week which a break for the bit of research that I’ve been avoiding. The 100,000 words on the widget is just an estimate, I may write more, I may write less – as Neil Gaiman says in the Intro to Smoke and Mirrors ‘Sometimes the only way I would know that a story had finished was when there weren’t any more words to be written down’ and I suspect that this is true for me.

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2 Responses to Quick Update

  1. BarbaraS says:

    You nearly talked yourself out of it all there, didn't you? You need to have big faith in yourself for a start. Begin, as Anne Enright says, with a sentence. Write another one after that. Keep going, and soon you'll have a whole bunch of them, maybe even some that add up to your magic number. But don't worry about the whole thing, just begin with one sentence. Just begin. And don't talk yourself out of it again!

  2. riverwillow says:

    Yes it got a bit close there – I read a couple of books by Neil Gaiman and thought 'what's the point?'. Back on track now, just need the time now.

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