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When I was at school…

I wanted to be a writer of some kind, but the teachers at my school said no that’s not a career, you need to do something practical to earn money. So, partly because my parents had paid a small fortune … Continue reading

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Yes Yes Yes

50,791 words written since the beginning of November.

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Jumping The Shark?

I had an Eureka moment this morning. I was sitting in the bath (how appropriate) mulling over my NaNoWriMo dilemma (see previous post)and trying to work out of I could write my characters out of their rut. I was just … Continue reading

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Six Characters In Seach of

I am still plugging on with NaNoWriMo and have written just over 32,000 words. Which amazes me. If I want to make it through I have just over a week to write 18,000 words, or just about 2,000 words a … Continue reading

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For all those who are asking, here is a short extract from the NaNoWriMo work in progress, I make no claims as to its worth or even coherence as this is the novel writing equivalent of going for the world … Continue reading

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